Spruce Head Island, Maine  8 x 10 canvas board, vintage wood frame, 11 x 13. $185

Moonkiss~ SOLD ~ "She was blown away when she opened it!"  Soft light dancing on the water and sand. 21 x 27 restored frame, 18 x 24 canvas. 

​​Ebb Eyes, a consignment for Ebb and Flow Wellness of Onset Massachusetts, 
​24 x 36 gallery wrap. Beth, my client shown in the photo with me, her employees, and customers all love it. Ebb is a yoga-wellness-beauty salon and gift location.  Visit ebbandflowwellness.com to find out more about this wonderful place.

Man on Beach 
 8" x 10" acrylic on canvas board, wood 14" x 16" frame. $375

​​​Sandyneck Beach, Cape Cod  ~ SOLD ~ Private Collection, Georgia.
"It's actually how I remember it!"
  Restored 26 x 30 vintage frame discovered in Niantic CT, a work of art in itself, painted Sandyneck Beach just for it.​

Timothy J. Foley ~ Original Artwork

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Make every day beautiful

with a one of a kind

original piece of art.

Contemplations ~ SOLD ~ ​Private Collection, South Carolina.

"It is so special."  8 x 10 oval canvas board, set in a classic 11 x 13 wood frame. The 1 3/4" depth highlighted by vintage gold leaf.

​​​Seagrass  Inspired by the struggle of the "Outer Cape" surf against seagrass, nature's fragile erosion control champion that protects the Cape Cod National Seashore. 12 x 16 stretched canvas, in a rescued vintage 16 x 20 wood frame.

Wash Ashore, Cape Cod captures the unblemished Cape Cod sand just as the ocean foam glides in. The gentle waves in the shallow tide creates patterns Neptune would admire. Acrylic on 12 x 24 stretched canvas, 17 x 29 wood with cloth accent frame.

Timothy J. Foley ~ Original Artwork

Creation ~ SOLD ~ Private Collection, Maynard MA.  "I absolutely love it!"   
​12 x 24 in 16 x 28 custom frame.

Sisters ~  SOLD ~  Private Collection, North Myrtle Beach, SC.  "It looks perfect in my new dining room."  They truly are there for each other in good times and difficult ones. Beautiful 15.5 x 17.5 vintage wood frame.

Sailor's Delight ~ SOLD ~ ​Private Collection, Auburn, MA

"It looks fabulous in my new condo."  11 x 14 canvas set in a family heirloom classic 16 x 20 deep wood frame.

Long Island Sound ~ Private collection, Millville, MA

Dusk on Sandwich Boardwalk ~  SOLD, Private Collection, Sandwich, MA.  "This is the best present I ever received."  Acrylic on 12 x 24 stretched canvas, 17 x 29 wood with cloth accent frame. 

Sensations ~  SOLD ~ Private Collection, Los Angeles, CA.
 22 x 28 in 28 x 34 restored vintage frame.